Love the enthusiasm, but what's the game?

Great question. Okay, close your eyes and picture a gaming framework that’s equally thrilling in both the digital space – and real life play. Spoiler alert: there will be IRL tournaments. But more on that later. Now open your eyes to find an insane playing field of superfans and devoted gamers from the four corners of the earth, choosing from an immeasurable cast of character avatars, including some of history’s most beloved figures from across the internet, movies, TV, comics, and gaming.

If you dream it, you can play it. The only limitation is the expanse of your vast imagination.


Players choose from their favorite hero and universe cards – and then it’s game on as you work with these cards that each contain their own “win condition.” Every time you go into battle with opponents, you experience a virtually limitless potential of outcomes. In short, every game, from a quick 20-minute competitive match to a week-long campaign, is one-of-a-kind. As you level up your cards through gameplay, they become more valuable. Players can even trade and sell their cards for real money in our secure online marketplace.

What’s more, players can design their own cards and submit them to the community for voting – and actually take a substantial piece of the profits when they sell to other players. This is LITERALLY something that no one else has done before.


Well, Infinitum Revolution actually IS the multiverse. A game that builds, multiplies and rewards a community of players with the ability to create their own worlds – with infinite possibilities. (See what we did there?) Every player in the game is what we affectionately refer to as an “AUDITOR,” with the ability to create their own worlds while calling upon the skills of characters across the entertainment and pop culture spectrum.

Superheroes fighting ol’-timey vegetable obsessed sailors? No problem. A cartoon character that never grows up? You got it. That A-hole TV chef who’s so good, he can scream at people – and they love it! Sure, why not?


We get it - A lot of game formats favor only limited playing styles, but Infinitum Revolution lets you choose from multiple formats that evoke different feelings for different play styles. We’ve ditched the traditional game structure and come up with a new flow of play that keeps players engaged all the time, with open-sourcing design elements that let them take control at every step, from actual gameplay to card leveling and new card design.

Because all waiting and no play makes Jack a very dull boy.